Who pushed the ‘run button’ for the Virtual Reality to start playing?

Okay, the ‘run button’ is first hit by the Larger Consciousness System (LCS). Think of the Larger Consciousness System as the Operating System or the the Executive Director, if you will, of the Consciousness System.

Now, as you know, our virtual reality is not programmed, it is evolved and that rule set is also evolved. It’s not like the Larger Consciousness System has to be so brilliant that it comes up with this really complex rule set and it just works. It doesn’t work like that.

The Larger Consciousness System comes up with its first guess at a rule set and then it punches the “run button” and sees what happens; and most likely it doesn’t work very well; at least, that’s the way most computer science works – when we do big simulations it just doesn’t work very well! So then you start fiddling with the parameters, with the initial conditions and with the rule set and say, ‘Well okay, that universe didn’t last, but a few hours before it all imploded on itself, let’s turn gravity down a little bit’ – that’s a rule and it’s just a little too strong.

So then you run it again and then you change the parameters again, so eventually, the rule set actually evolves itself in the sense that you cut and try and cut and try until you finally end up with a rule set that works. And by ‘works’ I mean it produces a stable, virtual reality that lasts long enough for avatars to evolve that have interesting choices to make, you know, like dogs and cats and horses and humans – they have interesting choices to make; and then an IUOC can play those avatars and make those choices and grow up by it.

So that’s who does it. It’s the Larger Consciousness System and it doesn’t just make it up, it has to evolve it and one of the things that kind of point to this as being true is a thing called the Anthropic Principle. In physics it’s a principle that basically looks at the fact that there are a set of five or six constants that have to be exactly the way they are, out to say eight or nine decimal places. If they change just one number in that last decimal place, the universe wouldn’t be stable. The universe would have crashed and burned and disintegrated a long time ago. So they found these constants and they realize that they are so precise and all of them have to be that precise and they’re all balanced…

It’s kind of a balancing act so that nothing gets too strong or too weak and everything just works together. And if you get all of these things working together then the whole system lasts long enough to be productive as a virtual reality. And they called it the Anthropic Principle because it looked like this universe was tuned just for us, just for life-forms like us or avatars like us to be able to evolve. So that’s why they call it the Anthropic Principle.

Well, that’s exactly the case. The Larger Consciousness System kept fiddling with the simulation till it got it tuned to the point that it would support a set of avatars that could ask good questions and could have good choices. So that’s why the Anthropic Principle is like that. So it’s not the system is so smart that it just figures it all out and does it, it just gives a try, starts for something and sees how that works out and then tries to improve it. So that’s the executive function of the Larger Consciousness System.

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