Who are we really? What is an IUOC and how is it really me?

Questions frequently arise in regards to who and what we really are and why don’t we just keep on as we are, but elsewhere, after death? There are also questions of free will which frequently arise and which are also answered here. This is an attempt to make a relatively short but clear statement regarding these aspects of our reality. It is a supplement to Tom’s descriptions. Think of ‘class notes’.

[Note: This question and answer was written by Ted Vollers, one of the first people who understood MBT and who was a frequent contributor to the MBT forums who sadly passed away in 2018. Read more about him here. Original forum post here.]

The idea is that you are actually, first and always, your IUOC, a digital mind, which is switching its perceptions from data stream to data stream at computer speed. That is, you are a digital mind having experiences, many and varied. Actually that data stream is externally prepared and controlled for you and you just receive it and react to it, switching context based upon information within that data stream. You can make requests as to what to include in that data stream, actually multiple data streams, but it is provided to you and not directly controlled by you except as you make decisions or choices and requests per your Intent. The result is that you ‘simultaneously’ (not actually, but from your point of view here in PMR) experience multiple realities. Most of the time you function as part of AUM where you variously function as a part of AUM itself but also for part of that time as part of a ‘Big Computer’ or the ‘Even Bigger Computer’ or just whatever AUM needs you for at a given time. All that AUM has to do to ‘repurpose’ you is to change the data stream being sent to you for you to act upon. You are part of what AUM has available to use for any purpose it comes up with. This is all like a subroutine in a computer which works on whatever data gets sent to it and may be used for multiple purposes, programs. The experienced reality of your IUOC changes instant by instant as the data stream being received is constantly changing. When you function as part of AUM, you have no consciousness but you just do your job, accepting the data stream sent to you and reacting to it based upon your abilities. You are a sort of general purpose perceiving and decision making digital mind. Also keep in mind that you, as part of AUM, are making the decisions as to how to ‘use’ you as a building block as a part of AUM, then you are perhaps functioning as part of TBC where you participate in the generation of the data stream which then is sent to you (your IUOC) to create your experience of yourself within PMR. It is all circularly interconnected and ‘all one thing’.

You have a continuing experience of the reality of NPMR because you, as part of this switching of data streams I described, get sent this data stream for NPMR less frequently than the one that makes you part of AUM, but more frequently than any other. Tom says that your perception of time does not vary much from your perception of time here in PMR. But your perception of time as a continuity flowing past is just a perception, not the reality, as time is made up of all these tiny, discrete increments which blend together to make our perception of continuity. When you are sensing the NPMR data stream, that becomes your reality. It provides all of the aspects of your reality and experience there. What you experience of your ‘surroundings’ is just a part of that data stream. Your interactions with others, your perception of others, is just a part of that data stream. It is a virtual reality. That is what a virtual reality is at base, a data stream that represents everything which you can perceive within that reality. This includes your thoughts as being a continuity. Actually you are like a computer sub routine that is having all of these little bits of experience thrown at it You have no sense organs in NPMR. You just ‘stitch together’ your perception of a continuity because the increments are so small as to be separately imperceptible. Who and what you perceive yourself to be in NPMR is all contained within that data stream. That data stream is varied as you interact with it, in effect making requests for changes in that data stream, which are then provided. All of your past, present and future is available as required, contained within that data stream when requested.

While you are here in PMR, you also have an experience of being here for the exact same reason as just described. You get a data stream that provides the whole of your experience of PMR, including your thought stream, every bit of who you think that you are. You don’t get nearly so many increments of PMR data stream as you do as AUM or in NPMR, but it still comes so fast that you perceive it as a continuity. This data stream again provides the whole of your experience of being in PMR, all of your senses and your own thoughts. Again, your thoughts are so very fast and in little bits of computer data, decisions that you make as a digital mind, that the continuity must come from the data stream, including your very thoughts and memories.

You are not a mind having your own thought stream and occasionally peeking out at NPMR or PMR to see what is going on but rather those tiny peeks are joined together just like the individual frame images of the TV or of a movie come so fast that they get stitched together and seem like a continuity. You are actually looking at any given VR in tiny peeks, but those peeks are intermixed. It would be like sitting in a movie theater and watching multiple movies all mixed up one frame at a time. Your digital minds are able to pick out a continuity of each separately. There is some kind of mechanism that stitches each data stream together separately from all the bits and pieces. Tom is that rare individual that is able to mix these views together somewhat at will. Actually, we can do this to some extent but just don’t have good control and simultaneous consciousness in each VR. This is sort of where daydreaming comes from. This is what we do at night when we dream. This is why we talk about intuition, perceptions not based upon full consciousness as not included in the conscious part of the data stream but still available to us there.

Now some of you are going to jump on this and say, then I don’t really exist. What I remember as myself and my experiences and actions is just made up for me and I don’t really exist. This describes having no free will. This is not however true. I am trying here to give you an understanding of just what you are without confusion. Remember that what is being described is how the real you is yourself as an IUOC. That is where your free will resides. That is where the real you perceives itself and its activities in its multiple roles and makes its free will decisions in reaction to the incoming data stream. Free will has been explained many times as the basis for consciousness. That if our IUOCs could not communicate with each other with free will, Consciousness would have never arisen. AUO and then AUM would have never come into being. Be very clear that you as your IUOC are not just a completely interchangeable part. This data stream with which you interact is varied based upon your decisions. It is varied based upon your Intent. Your free will does enter into this as you make your decisions and express your Intent. So your experience, whether in NPMR or PMR, is unique to your self as you are unique and possess free will and on this basis are creating this unique experience of yourself and of your history.

Let’s make a comparison to what we are told that we are here in PMR by medical science. Your brain is analogous to your IUOC. They can’t, so far, find a mechanism for consciousness there. They can find a lot of things, mechanisms and functions, for manipulating data and making decisions, just as I have been describing. Your sensory data in total comes to you over many parallel neural pathways from your eyes, ears, nose, tongue and nose together for taste, sensory nerves providing the sense of touch both internally and externally. This is all there is and a perfect parallel to the description being given here of your experience as an IUOC participating in the PMR VR. The only anomaly would seem to be our thoughts. But if you remember, I have numerous times mentioned the experience of having my internal thoughts terminated while still functioning normally and referred you to others who have had such experiences like Suzanne Segal and Bernadette Roberts and written about the. We can function quite adequately without this stream of conscious thoughts, so obviously these thoughts are not what is controlling or representing our actions and interactions, but the greater data stream internal to our minds as IUOCs and the choices that it makes which occurs too fast for us to be conscious of all the details. That is where the real decisions are made, but it is still you, the only and actual ‘real’ you.

Your experience of PMR, the rule set, is established by TBC as it generates the data stream making up your VR experience of PMR. That is why the PMR rule set gets mixed in there no matter what you are looking at as a data stream. When you go OOB, it is just a matter of switching data streams. But since you are in the midst of your PMR experience, you get it filtered through the PMR rule set as it gets sent to you by TBC. So you have the usual PMR senses as vision, hearing, etc. Not feeling however as you can do things like flow through walls and fly though the air. When you float above the operating table under anesthesia for example, you are looking at it in real time. When you do remote viewing, you are doing it in real time, unless of course it is your intent to look at the past or possible future. If you look at the past actualized data base or the unactualized data base or the future probable data base, you are doing it at whatever time you set up with your Intent as that is the whole idea. Things get somewhat distorted as it is all being filtered through your PMR VR rule set and what ever limitations your FWAU has here in PMR. The past data bases don’t have all of the exact set ups as details of ‘present time’ here in PMR. TBC only stores what it perceives as being necessary and leaves out some details which get filled in based upon probability when required. That is why you don’t get a perfect match to your ‘waking’ view of PMR when you go OOB or look at the data bases.

Your waking memory also comes from the past data base. You are then receiving those memories as you require them through the proper PMR rule set so there is no distortion, no flying or going through walls. There are still limitations as we all experience our memories as not being perfect. We forget things as not being able to access them fully. You do not have storage within your mind for a recording of these things. It is external to you as the past actualized data base. There you can as described visit past events as experienced by others and see just what happened, at least in theory and within limits. That is where you go to look for lost items and missing persons. Our ability to access this information is limited. That is why not everyone can operate as a ‘psychic’ and go looking for missing persons and pets.

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