What, or who, determines the data-stream that serves me best?

It’s some or both… part of it is you; you have your own ideas; you as an Individual Unit Of Consciousness (IUOC) have some idea what your strengths and weaknesses are…

So you have certain things you’d like to do, accomplish and maybe certain ideas you think that would be good for you to try, because from the last time, well, this happened and now you’d like to see that from the other side, or you’d like to, you know, maybe that was too hard, you’d like to do something a little easier this time.

So the individual has a strong input to it. But the individual doesn’t know what slots are available, what avatars are available, what their future probability looks like… and for a lot of avatars, future probability is a pretty fuzzy thing; you really don’t know. You know potentials, somewhat, so the system has to be involved with that because it’s only the system that has that bigger picture that knows kind of where everything is and what everybody’s doing.

So the system will pick something out that looks like it has a decent probability of giving you what you need, but there’s no guarantees that any of it will work out. It’s always a fair amount of randomness in it but you kind of get something that says ‘Well this looks like it’s got the potential to be what you want’…

You don’t have any idea how that’s going to play out. You may have wanted to come in to learn a certain thing and that just may not even come up in your life anymore because suddenly, you know your parents got disease and they died and you went off to your evil aunt that kept you in a closet, and just everything goes to hell in a handbasket, and now you’re a different kind of person.

Or maybe you’re the one who becomes a quadriplegic and that’s not really what you had in store in your own mind, but, hey, that’s a great learning opportunity – now you get to deal with things that you’ve never dealt with before. So the thing is, any situation is a good learning opportunity. Even the most horrendous situation you can think of – it’s a good learning opportunity if you can grab the opportunities that come your way and make something of them it will be a very successful incarnation, whether you were rich or poor or quadriplegic or a star athlete… There are challenges in all of those, they’re just different challenges.

So it’s not like some of those are good incarnations because you were happy and you got to drink a lot of beer and have a lot of fun, or those that are bad carnations because you were dirt poor and you starve to death… It’s not like that. You get to learn a lot in anything. So, in a way, yes, here’s the potential to go the way you want in this situation, but however it works out, you’ll learn something from it; you have opportunities to grow and learn and over the long term you’re sampling over lots and lots of incarnations; most of them will turn out more or less the way that you were hoping, some of them won’t, but in general, that’s why you pick up something with good potential. That means it’s got a decent chance of going that way and then you just do whatever you do, and it is what it is, because there’s a lot of of variation; things that can happen. That changes a lot so that’s the way it works. None of it is real buttoned down.

The most button-down of the incarnations are the ones that are very specifically almost scripted, they’re planned for you to do a particular thing in a particular time at a particular place, or maybe you meet some particular person at a particular place. There’s very specific things there. Now, because free will makes that improbable, that these things will just happen to work out, that that works out, they’re nudged. They’re nudged, like you have to meet somebody and that’s part of a plan that you’ve made before you incarnated with this other person, and for some reason you just feel like you’ve got to move to California, or you’ve just got to go to Georgia or someplace, and you just feel the need, and things you read just make you think that that’s a good idea, and people you meet kind of make you think it’s a good idea, so you do it and that’s where that other person is.

So that’s what I mean by “nudged”; you get these nudges. Your intuition is your connection with the larger consciousness system (LCS) and that connection works both ways. Not only can you get information in a download but it’s going both ways – how you feel about things… You can get an intuition that says ‘move to Georgia, that’s better – there you’ll like the climate; oh there’s a good job there you’ll do better; the job you’re at is getting stale, you need something else’…

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