What about the ‘hollow earth’ theory?

Hollow Earth, yes, okay – no it doesn’t mean that it actually exists; it’s just that that’s what you got, or your data… it’s a metaphor. Why would you get a hollow earth for a metaphor? Well, there’s a couple of reasons that it would do that.

It’s not here you know. Let’s say you get something that’s not here, but it seems to be like here, or it seems to be a part of earth, or earth is your only frame of reference for a place; so the Hollow Earth then just becomes a metaphor for someplace else, or someplace like Earth.

So something like that, I don’t know, but I’d say it’s probably metaphorical and other people get a similar metaphor – that’s not all that surprising. You know, there was a book written by HG Wells – ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’… so it’s just an idea. It’s a concept. It’s an idea that’s around in our culture. You could pick it up from that. But somehow it expressed what it was that you were trying to do, or maybe the system was just giving you that information just so you could find it on a video later and see the connection and just open your mind a little bit about ‘wow, how did that happen?’

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