What about the Elves and Jesters people see under the influence of DMT?

The way it is, is that when you take a trip – even with a drug – you’re getting the data stream. Okay? There are no realities out there with elves in them. There’s no realities out there with humans in them. They’re all data streams.

So, when you get data streams, what happens is that if it’s something that is communicating with you, you interpret that as a being. You do a pattern match on it. So if you’re in another reality frame and you run into something – that’s just background… A rock (for example –Ed.) doesn’t try to communicate with you. So you see it, or you interpret it as just a barrier, maybe something you can’t walk through it, you have to walk around. So you might interpret it as a rock.

But, if something actually sends you a message, communicates with you and you communicate with it – if there’s a little exchange going on – you interpret that as a being of some sort.

Now, depending on how it hits you, is it a squeaky little voice or there’s a big bass voice or what is it and is it kind of having fun or is it not?… You’ll go into your background – all the things you’ve known and read and thought about, and you’ll do a pattern match and the pattern match will come out and you’ll say ‘oh, it sounds like an elf!’ Why? What do you imagine an elf is? Probably a smaller voice, a smaller person, kind of playful and fun. You may call that an “elf”… I don’t know… And because one person said that, other people read it, and then they’ll see the same thing because that thought is in their mind and pretty soon you know Elfism (! –Ed.) kind of spreads around to all the people taking the drug – because that’s probably a decent way to interpret the experience. So they kind of created it in their own mind.

So what you turn into an elf or a bear or anything else is your interpretation of the data stream and it doesn’t mean that there is an elf in the data stream, it just means there’s something there and you pattern match it and then you call it an elf. So it’s not that there’s elves in these places, no. Actually, there are no places – there’s only information.

So it’s just a just a data stream, there are no elves elves… it’s just the way you dress up the data that you get, you see? So if a person had never read anything about an elf, never heard of an elf, never read any books about elves, their fantasies about elves, who never played World of Warcraft with elves – they’re very unlikely to say “oh, I ran into an elf” because it wouldn’t be in their database; and they never pattern matched it to an elf. But, if you have this association with elves and literature and games, now you have a propensity that’s part of what you can pattern match to. But it’s just your idea of an elf. And our idea of an elf is what the author’s idea of elves were in all the stuff that we’ve read.

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