Is this a prison planet? Is reincarnation a trap? What about Bob Monroe’s ‘loosh’?

There’s a lot of that floating around. I’ve run into some of that on the internet as well. That, I guess, more an extreme version of what you’re saying where this is referred to as the ‘Prison Planet’ and ‘People, don’t go toward the light, it’s a trap, it’s a trick!’ and and so on…

That the idea of reincarnating here is that you’re you’re trapped here and you’re stuck here and some other entities are basically feeding off of you, and your effort to reincarnate, and so on and… all of that, is just fear-based nonsense, okay? It’s not like that.

Now. Bob Monroe talked about loosh and if you read that in his book it sounds like there are these these entities that are kind of feeding off our emotional energy here, if you can read it that way. Well, Bob Monroe was like everybody else in the sense that he had to interpret what he got in terms of his own understanding, his own experience, which was considerable, but also (had) his own fears… So Bob got this.

And I remember very well when Bob had that first when he had that out-of-body where they first mentioned the loosh because I was out the see him that very next day and he was very excited about it and he was telling me about this session he had and about the loosh thing, and he didn’t really have as negative in his interpretation as most people get from it. But still, that was his interpretation and he interpreted things the best he could, but his interpretation just missed what was trying to be said there and it turned it into something that has kind of negative overtones to it that, you know, we’re a loosh farm for some other entities – and that’s not at all what was what was going on.

You can think of that idea in other terms, that what we were doing, what we’re here for is to become love and we do that through our Being-level which is often through our emotional interactions with things; and that the system was made, our particular virtual reality was made as an entropy reduction trainer so that we would come here, have experiences, interact and grow from those experiences. And in the beginning, as this virtual reality evolved and there were no humans, there were other things, there were big reptiles and there were small mammals and there were fish and other things…Well, the system wasn’t working very well then because they didn’t have a quality of Being-level and in thinking, consciousness capacity to really make a difference.

So eventually then it evolved to the humans who do have a much larger capacity to express consciousness and who did have a lot of expressiveness, a lot of love, a lot of hate, a lot of fear. We had a lot of all those things and in the process of doing this Being-level, which is basically where the emotions are, growth – and making these choices – that’s how we grow up. So if you can think of it as ‘We grow up, the system grows up, a Larger Consciousness System (LCS) grows up as we grow up, as we lower our entropy, we’re part of the whole; the whole system has its entropy lowered because we are a piece of it’ – okay?

So the whole system was benefiting by us coming here, engaging in this virtual reality, working at our choices from the being-level, which is from an emotional level for the most part, and the system was evolving because of it, because we were evolving.

You see? Now that’s what the story was all about. Bob took that story and didn’t understand that big picture. He didn’t see it in terms of a of a Larger Consciousness System, Individuated Units Of Consciousness (IUOC). He didn’t look at it that way. He saw that what you see is what you get. He didn’t realize that it was just his interpretation of data, and that data came to him from the LCS. He didn’t see that. My model came much later than Bob. Bob was long dead before my model ever saw the first light of being put on paper.

In any case, that was the metaphor that was being given to him: that we are here to evolve and through our choices, through our Being-level, through our emotional connection to the other people and the beings and the animals and the planet through that struggle of ours to grow up, the whole system is evolving. He just interpreted that as ‘our emotional, our efforts and growing up was producing loosh, and loosh was something that that these larger things, the larger system was gathering in for its own whatever’, well it is! That was that system gathering loosh. That’s the Larger Consciousness System. The loosh is our love, it’s our caring. That’s us evolving to a higher quality of consciousness. So he got it and he had a little fear there; didn’t know how to interpret it, so he interpreted it in terms of, like, aliens harvesting loosh for the poor, trapped people who have now evolved to have all these emotional experiences.

Well it’s not like that. It really was a description of the Larger Consciousness System creating a virtual reality for us so that we could experience, grow our love, and yes, us and the whole system evolves because of it. So that’s the story that was being given him. That was the information. But because of his lack of a bigger picture and because of some, you know, just the way he thought of things, then he interpreted it in terms of the the loosh thing. That loosh is basically the love that we are creating in our evolution here in this virtual reality trainer, this entropy reduction simulation.

So that’s what that was all about. The idea that you hear on the internet about the “Prison Planet” and the rest of it, that’s just fear. There’s so much fear in the world, so much fear in the land right now that people will turn almost anything into a conspiracy theory, into some kind of a fearful thing that’s going to get you, and people are very ready to believe that because people are fearful – and when you’re fearful you’ll believe every kind of scary thing that you hear that will start to add on to your fear. So the more fearful you are them more easy easy there you pick up more fear.

So that idea that this is a prison planet that we trapped here, we can’t get away and so on, and we’re being used and our caring and our emotion here is used as food for something else – that’s all just nonsense. It’s a misinterpretation of really – a beautiful story about love and growing up. It’s just because people are so fearful that they’ll turn everything that isn’t good in their life – will be some kind of a fearful conspiracy against them. Some thing that, they’re the loser at the end of the road, because most of us walking around feeling like losers and feeling like we’re out of control and everything controls us and woe is us and poor me… And if you have a lot of fearful ideas then you reach out and embrace this fearful stuff. So it’s not the way it is.

You have free will. Everyone has free will. No one is forced to do anything. No one is tricked. No one is given misinformation in the sense that if you don’t want to come here in this to this virtual reality trainer, you don’t have to. If you don’t want to go in any virtual reality trainer you don’t have to. There are other ones besides this one that you could go to or you could just say “no, I don’t want to go to any”.

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