Is it possible to reincarnate down a certain path by design?

Sure. Absolutely. By design. Most of the people who have gained a great deal of conscious quality – their incarnations are by design. They don’t just have one; they typically pick those that they think will offer the challenges that will be of value to them.

They pick those that they think where they can be most useful, ‘Where can I be of help now at this time in this place with these people and the cultures we have, and the people we have and this environment where the simulation is right now? What can I do that would be helpful?’ And then you may do that and find out you weren’t helpful at all! …your free will took you off on some other tangent and you got all wadded up over trying to depose the dictator or something, and then, well, I guess they had more to learn than I thought. See now you start picking things more in that vein to challenge you in those ways than you had before.

So there’s so many avenues, so many paths that you can take; things that you can work on. There’s so many aspects to a personality, into a consciousness, that you’re never going to run out of things to do. There’s always something else to do and the fact that entropy increases if you don’t keep working on it… Well, you’re not going to run out of things to do.

So, for me, enlightenment is a process. It’s a thing you progress toward but it’s not an endpoint. It’s not like you get to enlightenment, now you know everything, and you’re done. That’s not it at all! I think that that idea was a wishful thinking, of some who probably had more ego than they had realized! You’re not done as long as there’s somebody else that you can help. You’re not done and if you’re ever done you’d start to become undone because that’s the nature of entropy. So this idea of getting done, ‘I’m enlightened in it,  I’m out of here and I don’t have to do this anymore’ –  is wishful thinking. Doesn’t really work like that. We’re consciousness and this is what we do, we lower entropy.

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