Is it possible to collect data from another reality frame and bring it back to this reality frame?

Yeah, well, people can do that pretty easily. You can go into another round, if you can go … We have databases here: future probability database; past database… So you go into that, that frame and pick up that data and you can bring it back. Nothing wrong with that. One can do that.

If you’re not careful though, you… you need to be skeptical when you do things like that. You should be very skeptical. It’s not as simple as just going and collecting data and coming back, there’s a lot of other variables involved and you can easily get mislead you can easily misinterpret the data.

It’s like we talked about before, you know…  What you get out of that data is only your interpretation of the data and you can interpret it poorly and, so to take that data as a fact when you bring it back is generally a big mistake. It’s not a fact, it’s your interpretation of information you got.

Now, why did you get that information? Well, maybe you asked for it? Maybe that’s enough of a reason, but who knows? Who put, (or) sent you that information and why they gave it to you? Maybe the system? Maybe something you picked out of a database? Maybe you got it out of the collective conscious? Maybe it came up out of your own imagination? Maybe some other IUOC was having a thought about that while they were eating lunch and you picked up on it? I mean, there’s all sorts of ways that you could end up getting information and you need to be very skeptical of what it is.

So I suspect if people say that, “I’m a scientist at CERN and I’m gonna go off on to other realities and get information and come back and do it…” – my guess is you’re trying to impress people with your cleverness and how big a picture you’ve got. That would be my idea, because if you really would do that you’d keep your mouth shut and just do it. You wouldn’t make an announcement about it. So that would be my guess.

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