Is it possible for someone in our immediate family to be a non-player character (NPC)?

Is it possible? Anything’s possible… Almost anything’s possible, yes. But is it likely? No. The reason it’s not likely is that it’s just this one person in a family, right – so that’s one out of seven and a half billion people, I guess that’s not necessarily very probable. So yes, that could happen.

Basically, a non-player character (NPC) is a character being played by the computer, by the LCS, that’s the player. It’s not an IOUC, an individual unit that’s the player. It’s a computer played character. Well, the LCS can play a character as fine or as coarse or as much as it wants. So yes, that’s possible, but the reason there aren’t so many of those is because there are plenty of IUOCs that want seats here, and even though we have an expanding population – there’s seven and a half billion of us – there’s a lot of seats in a game, but there’s lots of IUOCs that would log on here.

The system usually only creates an NPC for a special case situation and special case situations that arrive. So, my typical example, say I pull out of an old Lassie movie: Timmy falls in the well and can’t get out and the stranger shows up helps Timmy out of the well and then disappears, and nobody knows who that stranger was – those kinds of things are often cameo roles. The system wasn’t ready for Timmy to be done yet. He was only six years old and I was just gonna waste his investment, so somebody shows up, helps Timmy out of the well and disappears. That is often just a walk-on character that the system creates but it always does that not in the crowd but on a lonesome road someplace, or that only a couple people notice and that sort of thing.

But let’s say you have somebody who really wants out. Somebody who can’t stand being here but they don’t want to commit suicide, they just want to go. Okay, now there’s a couple of things that can be done there. If they want to go bad enough – again, your free will: if the system can accommodate your needs the system will. So in that case, there’s a couple of things that could happen: somebody else may be anxious to get in and play a role without having to go through all of the child development. So they may just do a switch so that one entity IUOC may pull out and another IUOC may pop in, and you’d see a little bit of personality change in that individual. Suddenly they wouldn’t be quite the same person they were before, but they continue with the same role in the same job in the same family and whatever. So that happens.

But again, I’m talking about things in the margins, not stuff that happens typically but stuff that can happen but rarely does. But it can – and out of seven and a half billion people it’s gonna happen some because that’s a lot of people. Also, if – let’s say that person was older and there wasn’t anybody who would make a good fit for that, the system may go ahead and play that person out themselves rather than just having that person get run over by a truck and maybe there’s some some love and caring there, maybe there’s some grandchildren this older person can really teach something to, maybe there’s something there and the system can use that role to do that, to be that caring person, to do some good, to lower entropy some in the world. So the system can do that. There’s all in a digital system almost everything is possible.

But a lot of things that are unusual and unlikely only happen some at a time but if it’s one in a million and there’s a billion people here, then that’s a thousand… one in a million things can happen in you know a billion people so that’s… Yes, it happens, but rarely.

There could be an NPC that’s playing out a character that’s in your family or your neighbor or someplace else. Not likely, but possible. Under special conditions the system can do that. It’s sometimes better to play out a character than to just end it. Ending it may be the high-entropy solution. Playing it out may be the lower-entropy solution. If that person just really wants to leave bad enough, maybe the system can just find them a place because they want to leave so badly that they’re screwing up everything that they’re doing here, they’re not really caring. It’s all about themselves, you see, so they’re they’re raising entropy while they’re here. Better to get them out. See, if you can’t help make the situation work for them. That’s the thing… there’s never much advantage in just sticking people in a place they don’t want to be, because it’s hard for them to learn in that situation.

Okay, so yes, possible. Who knows? They’re gonna act just like anybody else because the system is playing them. That system is a pretty clever system. It can play them however it wants. So that’s all an NPC is. It’s just a non-player character; means it’s a non IUOC. It’s the LCS that’s playing them.

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