If a child speaks about being another family member in a past life, is that indicative of groups reincarnating together?

That is a possibility, yes. It probably is more in the margins. By that I mean, it’s not necessarily the mainstream, like that’s the way it is for everybody, but yes, that can happen.

What happens in this situation is that people kind of find other people that bring out the best in them, help them make better decisions. They may have friends like that, or somebody at the office, somebody you really work good with and when you’re with that person you can get twice as much done because you just really kind of know where each other are and what you’re doing.

It’s one of those situations where you and other persons just really work good together. Well, they find, sometimes people will find people like that, that just really helped them grow up. They may challenge them, they may do other things but it may not always be a peaceable relationship or even a loving relationship, but it’s a productive relationship, and yes, they will tend to sometimes incarnate together so that they can interact in various ways.

There’s also people who, if they have a particular problem, let’s say that somebody’s had a real big problem because in a mother-daughter relationship… so you have a mother-daughter relationship that was really problematical and a lot of fighting and struggling on both sides of that relationship. Well, the next time they incarnate they may be both the mother and the daughter – both. One IUOC playing both parts. You see? Because now they can see it from both perspectives at the same time which is a learning situation. So the system will support all sorts of learning situations that custom-fit to the individuals who need to learn. Now that is not generally what happens with the masses. Generally, most people don’t do that.

Most people just get in a situation and it’s new people, new things, because diversity has its own value. Diversity gives you a lot of different experiences and if you end up getting very similar experiences all the time that stunts your growth too. So there’s times maybe for that cooperation thing to go on and there’s times for you to just kind of meet a whole new bunch of people next time because it’s gonna give you a whole new set of challenges.

So most of the time it’s not like that, that we are all in a planned kind of relationship with each other – soul-groups, if you will, working together. Sometimes that works. Mostly what I think people see when they see that is they see a bunch of people who have come together and really do work well together. Now, whether that was a plan or not is another thing, you see. They may have just connected in such a way that that they work together.

Now why would a little boy who’s three or four years old say “Oh yeah, I was grandpa’s grandma” or something like that, or sometimes you’ll find a child who’ll remember what they did the last lifetime very precisely, they’ll remember details about where they lived and people’s names and you can check it out and it’s correct. Well, that information again, that’s in the margins. Most people don’t come in with memory of what they did before. They come in without any of that intellect. But sometimes people do and for his reasons.

One reason may be that the system just gives them that memory just so they can wow everybody else and let everybody else’s eyes open a little bit and say ‘oh, this reality is bigger than we thought because look at this little boy who is only six years old and he can tell you the name of this fighter pilot that got shot down in World War One’ or something, and he can do all that and he’s got all the facts there and he knows the pilot’s name and you check it out and there it is, and you know a six-year-old didn’t look that up in a library someplace. So it just opens people’s worlds to let them know that reality isn’t just as simple as it looks. So the system sometimes just plants those things for us to learn from it.

It could be that the system, that you have a particular gift, a particular experience that you really want to have. You want to be a piano player… maybe you’ve been a piano player, so maybe when you’re five years old you ask for piano lessons or you make sure you incarnate into a family with a piano or something; and now you become a little Beethoven or or somebody who at five year old is playing concert music. Well, that can happen too. Maybe it’s a plan, maybe it’s just something that particular individual wanted to do real badly and the system facilitated it. Or maybe it’s just an eye-opener for all the rest of us. Lots of different reasons why that can happen, but yes, sometimes that happens too, but again, mostly in the margins – it’s not the typical thing that happens, but it can.

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