How can we get to point-consciousness?

Well, I guess you get there when you’re ready. You get there when, you know… It’s like there’s several influences – all have to come together at once, and pop! – there it is!

One of them is you have to not be in a state of agitation, ego, fear, that sort of thing – that will keep you from getting there. You have to be in a state where you’re not processing physical reality because that will keep you from being there because you’re busy processing physical stuff, right? So that means kind of a meditation state, where you let go of the physical, is important.

Now you can get that in tenths of seconds after a while. You don’t have to sit down and, you know, say your mantra and light incense and cross your legs or lie down in a bed or whatever. You can get to where you can just let go of everything physical very easily and very quickly. So that’s why I say you can do this in half a minute or something if you don’t have to go through all the rigors of process to get there.

Any place you’ve been you can get there more easily the next time, you know, so it’s just a matter of practice and doing it . So you don’t have to go into that state but you do have to let go of the chatter about physical things because that’s distracting, and you do have to not be in a ego/fear belief-trap thing because that holds you here, that keeps your focus on something else.

And you also have to have the intent that you want to experience existence, or you could say the larger consciousness system, or God or however you want to put that, but you have to have the intent that you want to experience that. You want to just experience yourself as not disconnected from that but as that – you want to experience it all – everything that’s available to you as consciousness. And if you have that intent and if you have those other things in place then the experience should come to you.

Now, you could have everything in place but never actually express the intent to do that and you wouldn’t do it, so you see you still may be growing up and doing just fine but you’ve never really thought to say ‘I want to experience being One with the source’. That’s a thought that doesn’t necessarily come to everybody to say… which at some level may indicate a fear or just not thinking. You know, it could be an ego. Egos (are) positive and negative. The wall flower – that’s the ego problem, as well as the arrogant bully is an ego problem. So it could be that you just don’t feel worthy, that you just don’t think that that’s something you could experience, and your own sense of unworthiness is ego and fear – and that can get in the way. So a lot of things have to kind of come together, but then it’s a pretty natural experience that you just open yourself to that…

But like most of these experiences, they are very big deals in the beginning, they’re moderate deals somewhere in the middle and then they’re just not big deals later on. They’re just part of life. It’s just like the roller coaster; first time you’re ever on a roller coaster you were probably eight years old and it was the biggest thing that ever happened to you, but eventually getting on a roller coaster now at 50 years old, it just doesn’t have much appeal anymore. You’ve done it, enough, it’s just not that exciting.

Basically, how it’s going to go , how it’s going to feel, you know, and it just plays out according to the way that it’s going to play out. It’s not that exciting anymore. You have this rush of ‘Oh my god, now what’s going to happen?’ – you know what’s going to happen! You see? So it’s that sort of thing too.

It gets less and less of a major, a big thing, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t any less significant . It’s just as significant as it was on the first time – probably more significant – because the first time you’re so blown away you really don’t know what to do or think, it’s just an experience. Later on, you can just kind of get it and feel it and connect everything because you know where all the pieces are and how it is and what’s there and it’s a much more, I don’t know, I think you get more out of it later on and you’re really doing it in the beginning. It gets to be more significant rather than less significant with time.

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