Have you experienced ‘point-consciousness’ state; an intensity similar to that which can be described as an emotional, blissful state?

Oh yes, sure. That’s basically available whenever you’d like to have it. You know, it’s not a difficult thing to experience, it’s just opening yourself up to that. And that is a very worthwhile experience.

It’s more worthwhile the very first time you have it because now it’s a big aha moment and it opens things up to you; you’ve suddenly realized the capacity that you have, what you’re a part of, you get all this realization, kind of floods in, so it’s a bigger deal maybe the first four or five, ten times you do that. But after that it’s just an available state.

And you can kind of be One with the Larger Consciousness System (LCS) and in this state you feel like you and everything else are all integrated – you’re a part of everything. You understand the grass and the leaves on the trees and all the people… Everything – you are part of it and it’s a part of you and you feel connectedness to everything and it’s this big feeling of Oneness.

Of course, there’s no fear in that state, there’s no ego in that state because if there were fear and ego you wouldn’t be in that state! For people who just get it momentarily, they drop that fear and ego for a while; they let it go, and and then they pick it back up again…

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