Have you ever been in contact with your dead ancestors whilst in the ‘transmission place’?

I have…. well with my ancestors, you know, that’s a little different. Ancestors is following the genetic line backwards. I’ve not done that, not got in touch with my ancestors, never really had too much interest in that.

I’ve looked at the past three or four or five lifetimes ago and I can see a pattern when I do that. I can see how the things I was doing, let’s say in the last two lifetimes particularly, all were practice and leading up to what I’m doing now. I can see the kind of logic of it – they’re not all just unrelated for me. They were definitely related in preparation. So yes, I do that, I do that some.

I don’t spend a lot of time in past lives because there’s not a lot to learn there that’s gonna help you grow up. Growing up – it’s basically getting rid of fear and unless there’s something in the past lives that’s tied to a fear, there’s not really a lot of learning in it. It may be interesting but it’s not that productive as far as decreasing your entropy. So it’s not something I spend much time doing.

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