Has religion slowed down our evolution?

It’s a hard thing because religion has some positive and some negative in it, and it’s just a matter of how much of each… There are people who are religious and they’re also spiritual and there are people who are religious and they’re not spiritual at all – they’re very low quality consciousness. So it depends.

Some people, religion has them acting better but not being better, and they don’t grow up very much – and sometimes religion is just downright evil in the sense of warring with each other, you know, the Catholics trying to kill the Protestants and the Protestants trying to kill the Catholics like we had back in Europe, maybe 15-1600s…

So in any case, it can be a very negative thing. People can get religious and then get very self-righteous and when they get self-righteous they have a lot of beliefs and that beliefs keep them from growing up. So it can be negative, depending on how you interface with the religion. If you’re into the dogma it’s probably a negative thing. If you’re into just the spirituality and and being a good person, it’s probably a positive thing unless, you’re just acting and you’re not actually being.

So all-in-all, if you looked at that religion, or even just Christianity for as long as it existed, it would be a mixed bag. It’d be good and bad. What the sum total would be, I’d be afraid to guess. I’m not that smart about all of it to know whether it would total up to a negative or a positive. From what I’ve seen of it personally I’d be with you, I think it probably totaled up to the negative because I’ve seen more negative out of it than I’ve seen positive. But then, that’s just my view.

There’s a lot of really good stuff (that) goes on in religion as well. A lot of nice people go that direction; it’s got a lot of fundamental truth in it. ‘God is love’ – that’s a Christian thing. Well, it’s got a lot of true things in it. The dogma isn’t very useful. So yeah, I probably agree with you all-in-all. From my own personal viewpoint, it probably is a little negative because mostly even the people that do try to act better they’re mostly acting because they think this is the way they’re supposed to be, not really getting rid of fears to change who they are.

And on the other hand, I run into nice people everywhere. I run into people who are very religious and they’re beautiful people. I run into people who are totally atheistic and they’re beautiful people. I run into really nice people of all descriptions when it comes to religion. So just being religious doesn’t really make you a low quality of consciousness; you can be very high quality consciousness and be religious.

It’s hard to say. But for the average person, religion isn’t really so much a commitment as it is “I’m doing this because that’s what my parents did and they did it because that’s what their grandparents did” and it’s more of a social thing that people do just because they’ve always done it. It’s not something that really changes their life a whole lot, one way or another. So for the average person, I’d say, it’s pretty neutral unless they get wound up in the dogma – and then it’s negative.

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