Do we typically choose to reincarnate in the same cultural reality?

Yes… As you are evolved more in the quality of your consciousness you are more willing and able to take on differences, to take on challenges, to see things from another perspective and gain from it. That’s why you would want to do that.

You’d want to experience different cultures, different points of view, because all of them (are) kind of leading to the same place. But if you can get to the same place through five different paths, then you’ve got it a lot stronger, you understand it a lot better than if you just get there through one path.

So yes, there is purposeful, cross-cultural jumping just because it’s another viewpoint; it’s another way of looking at things. And it’s also true not only in culture but in all sorts of viewpoints, you know, rich and poor, sick and healthy, crippled and athletic… You can get lots of different viewpoints and it’s valuable to have those viewpoints; it’s very valuable to a growing… It’s like travel.

We think about travel – people who used to, you know, a hundred years ago most people never got more than 20 miles away from where they live. Maybe 200 years ago they just didn’t travel that much and they were called provincial, and they didn’t have a very big picture. People who traveled – even though they didn’t do anything in particular other than just travel – they were more sophisticated, they had bigger pictures, they understood things for the higher level of synthesis, if you will, than the people who never traveled. Well it’s the exact same thing.

If you have the same set of experiences all the time then, alright you may get pretty good at that so you’re pretty comfortable with it and you’re pretty confident with it, but there’s more. It’s still local, it’s still provincial. You need to get out and experience from lots of different viewpoints before you can understand different viewpoints. Once you’ve been that, it’s a whole lot easier to empathize with that and understand it and connect to it than if it’s just foreign to you and you have no idea what it would be like to be dirt poor or starved to death of hunger or whatever. When you’ve done those things it opens you up; it just gives you a broader perspective and you’re not nearly so judgmental anymore because you can see it from those different perspectives. So it’s a useful thing to do, to have those different cultural and different economic experiences.

You also sometimes get into places where you’re swept up into something; you get in areas where, let’s say wars are going on or have been going on for a long time. Well, then it’s not like you’re going to sit back and say ‘Well gee, I’ve already learned that war is a bad thing to do and we don’t want to do all that so I’m kind of an anti-war person’, but there, none of that seems to click in – you just get swept up in it because that’s in your culture. And now when you see people getting swept up and the violent things you’re not quite so quick to judge them ‘why do they do that, why don’t they just say no’ – you say ‘well, there’s reasons for that!’

You can get swept up into those kinds of things and you appreciate more what’s going on in the world and you’re not as quick to say ‘I have the answer and other people are doing it wrong’ because you’ve also done it wrong a lot of places in a lot of ways, and you understand how easy that is to do sometimes. So it’s just being more sophisticated, as travel goes. It’s a way of having more viewpoints and a bigger understanding and a bigger picture.

So yes, cross-cultural… we even sometimes jump across virtual realities. We don’t always have to come into the same virtual reality, although that’s a bigger, that’s kind of at a higher level, but that also gives us different perspectives of how things work. But for the most part in the earlier parts of our consciousness evolution we tend to do what we know because it’s better to get at ease and get good at something before you start branching out. It’s better that you live in your small town until you’re maybe in your 30s or 40s before you travel because then in your 30s or 40s you’ll get a whole lot more out of that travel than you would if you were ten years old.  At ten you’d see a lot of stuff, but it really wouldn’t sink in, it really wouldn’t impress you a whole lot and you wouldn’t get as much out of it as if you were older.

So sometimes you do have to stay and work with something and get good at it and once you know the ropes it’s easier to get back in and do that same thing, a similar kind of thing in a similar kind of place and so on.

So in the masses, the largest part, yes a lot of it is repetitive. In the parts that are, to a point, where the the differences are important to their growth, then they tend to experience a lot of differences.

[Original question from “Do we typically choose to reincarnate in the same cultural reality, maybe to feel a sense of security, or even choose the same soul-family? Is jumping from culture to culture with each successive avatar indicative of an IUOC that is more relatively evolved?”]

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