Can you get to point-consciousness without first experiencing Oneness?

Yes, you can get there without experiencing that state. It’s just, it’s a more powerful experience to have all at once – it’s a very peak experience sort of thing. It’s something once had, never forgotten, it never grows old. It’s not like, ‘Well, I wish I could really remember that 20 years ago I had…’ No, you’ll remember every detail of it no matter how long it is.

So it’s one of those kinds of experiences, but it’s not necessary – you don’t have to get to that place – you can get to an understanding that you are basically connected with everything, that everything is interactive with you and you’re interactive with everything else. And you can get the sense of what it’s like to be grass or leaves on a tree – you can kind of get that feeling if you wish, but it’s a little different than this getting it all at once and one big lump – that’s more overwhelming. That’s a more blows you away sort of thing, whereas if you get it piecemeal you can still get there, it’s just not the big rush that you get.

And the bigger, you know, the more new it is, the bigger the rush, so the more that’s available to you… it’s not the big rush anymore because you’ve done that 20 or 30 times or 50 times. But really, whenever you like. So it’s not the big WOW feel, this feel that it’s just mostly now if I tap into that it’s just for a few seconds, I don’t need to sit there and bask in it. I just… you can touch into it to a few seconds just because it’s a very centering kind of thing. If you tend to get, kind of, out of kilter, a little off-center, and you just want to be centered again, that’s the place to get centered. But in 10 or 20 seconds, that’s enough, because all the previous times you’ve done that come back and then it’s not just that one but it’s all of them together. You re-experience all the ones you’ve already experienced and the one you’re experiencing now and with all of that you can process it pretty quickly and get that centering out of it.

So it’s a good state to get in but it’s not necessary. You can evolve, grow up, let go of your ego and fear and move on without that. But the more you do let go of your fear, the more likely you’re going to experience that. It’s not far away. All you have to do is open yourself to it.

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