Are we just pieces of nothing – or vibrations? What are we?

Vibration is just a metaphor. Vibration is a term that requires space . Vibration is something that goes back and forth. You can’t go back and forth if there is no space to go back and forth in. Vibration has to do with motion and motion has to change location in space and this is a computed reality, there is no space. It’s a computation. That’s what is meant by a virtual reality.

So what are we? We are consciousness. We are, what I call, Individuated Units of Consciousness (IUOC) and we are playing in this virtual reality game called our physical universe and we are playing an avatar, a character in this physical universe, and that’s what we are. All of us, our bodies, are an avatar in this virtual reality game just like if you were playing The Sims. If you play The Sims you’re the player, you’re the consciousness and you play an avatar in that software game called the Sims and you make all the choices for your character and your character executes those choices within that virtual reality according to the rule set that defines that virtual reality . We are the same here.

So the player is the consciousness for the avatar which is the thing that’s actually doing. Okay? Our bodies are the avatar. We are the player. We – consciousness – are the player. Notice that that the avatar and the player cannot be in the same reality. The avatar – your Sims character – is in different reality than you are, the player of that character. So consciousness has to be in a reality that would appear non-physical from the viewpoint of the avatar. So we are consciousness, but our environment, our body, the building, the universe is just information.

When you play The Sims you log on to the game and when you log on to the game, the server, the computer that’s hosting the Sims sends you an information stream. Actually, it sends it to your computer. That information is in pixels on your computer screen. That information is a million and a half pixels, a million and a half dots of light, and each dot has an intensity, a color and a location. So there’s three pieces of information that goes with each dot . The computer sends you a million dots, they display on your computer screen and you, the consciousness, you look at those million dots and you see your avatar, the house you live in, the refrigerators, you know, the beer in the cupboard, your children, your pets, your home, your neighborhood, your job – all of those things are what you interpret out of those million-and-a-half dots of light. So you get data from a computer and you interpret that data to be the Sims game; the Sims virtual reality. It works the same here.

So you are a consciousness, a player. You’re getting a data stream. You interpret that data stream as this physical reality. So that’s what we are. We are consciousness. We’re not vibration. We are consciousness. So, awareness.

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