Are highly enlightened individuals able to jump from one reality to another, i.e. choose a situation in which to reincarnate into?

They probably already have jumped from lots of realities to the other. By the time they’re at that point, they probably already done that and they may continue.

But at that point, once you get to where most of the ego and fear is gone, what you do then is tend to focus on ‘where can I be the most help, what can I do?’; and sometimes you also just need refresher courses where, ‘Alright, I want to get in the situation that’s stressful, that’s challenging – maybe I will be put into one of those cultures where they’re constantly at war to see whether I just pick up my guns and knives and stuff and start marching with everybody else or do I do something differently?’

So there’s lots of things that you might do particularly with conscious in your consciousness, like everything else starts to de-evolve, starts to come apart, starts to decay; the entropy starts to go up if you don’t put any effort into it. It takes constant effort, just like your house – (if) you never put any maintenance into your house, your house will eventually rot and fall down.

Well everything’s like that; everything disintegrates, decomposes, falls apart without effort. You always have to put in effort to maintain things. That’s just necessary. That’s the second law of thermodynamics, basically, and applies to everything. So if you’re not constantly working on keeping or making your consciousness more evolved and keeping it evolved, it will start to de-evolve. So if you just sit back and say ‘Well, I’m here and I’m done, I’ve made it. I’m going to sit on the cloud and play a harp now then’, you’ll start to de-evolve.

So the idea that you’re the Buddha and you may come back into another body struggling someplace – well, why would that be necessary? It’s necessary sometimes just for a refresher course, just to go back and see if your choices that you make – was that just a fluke? Did you just happen to get on a track that helped you go that direction or do you really have what it takes to go in that direction? Every time, you see.

So there’s those kinds of things. To do it well. And the more you do that the more stable and robust your growth is, you know. Evolution can be tenuous as well as robust, so…

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