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Quantum Mechanics

This is not intended as a definitive description of the field of Quantum Mechanics but rather as an introductory overview. Much more extended material can be found on the Internet by a search for Quantum Mechanics. Quantum Mechanics, also known as quantum physics or quantum theory, is a branch of modern physics providing a mathematical description of what present day physics considers to be the Ultimate Reality of what My Big TOE would describe as the Virtual Reality of PMR. QM describes the atomic level and sub atomic level particles that make up this lowest fractal level of the representation of the PMR VR. They are represented in QM mathematically as a probability cloud model. These mathematical representations become extemely complex in application because of interactions between the sub atomic particles involved in the formation of any atom, even of the most simple form. These probability clouds represent the probability that a given sub atomic particle will be found at any given location with any given motion and angular momentum or possess any given quanta of energy.

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