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Absolute Unbounded Oneness

The concept of the Absolute Unbounded Oneness can best be comprehended within the description of the MBT Model. This is a development covered over several pages in total of the Model. It is developed over many more pages within Tom Campbell’s books, My Big TOE. You are referred to the Index Pages for these books on this Wiki on this page for a list of all such pages covering this developing concept. ‘A’ page within the Index of MBT It is difficult to comprehend this development process completely and point to a specific point after the existence of The One Consciousness when it can be said to become the Absolute Unbounded Oneness. At what point did The One Consciousness become fully conscious of its self, its existence and scope and boundaries? Fully at home within and comprehending itself as it existed? You are referred to the following page in that Model and those pages preceding and following it to understand the advancement to this stage of development within the continuing developmental process.

See the following page in the MBT Model: Developing the One Consciousness

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