This website is a creation of love made by an MBT fan who happens to be a web designer. I saw value and purpose in creating such a place where Tom Campbell’s work would be made much more accessible than it has been previously and decided to just go for it (read more on the About page).

Tom didn’t ask me to make this and I have received no money from Tom, nor do I expect to. But having once been a frequent visitor to another Q&A website a long time ago, I knew that this project would be immensely beneficial to all who appreciate Tom’s work and who have an avid thirst for learning more.

So your donation would cover costs such as hosting, domain names and could contribute to me transcribing questions and answers from YouTube often and constantly, making this website the go-to place for everything MBT related. It would allow me to spend more and more time on the site to try to make it as good as I possibly can.

So, here is a button. If you feel like pressing it, then I offer you a mighty and sincere thanks.