Thomas Campbell’s Big TOE, or Theory of Everything, is really that: a comprehensive set of ideas that has everything in its sight, from the material cosmos through to what else lies in the great beyond. As Tom says in his preface to the trilogy:

My Big Picture Theory of Everything (My Big TOE) will take you to both the beginning and to the end of time. It will dive deeply into the human heart as well as probe the limits of the human mind. It will define the significance of you, and provide a new meaning to your existence. It will help you realize and optimize your potential. It will develop a wholly new scientific understanding both of your inside and outside world.

Naturally, since the scope of enquiry here is so huge, questions of the Big Who, the Big What, the Big Where, the Big Why – and, importantly – what to do about it all – arise by the bucket load.

There is a dedicated forum where such questions are pursued, but the information presented there is not the easiest to find – nor does it offer what this site offers: a simple interface where a person can find out exactly what Tom thinks about a particular topic. I have personally wanted easy access to this kind of information to help quell my consistent curiosities, and since web design is my former profession, I thought I might as well see if I can do something about it. This is that something.

If you don’t know who Tom is and why you should even care about what he has to say about anything, I suggest you read his biography here. In a nutshell, he is a physicist who has been at the forefront of consciousness exploration and theoretical physics for the past forty or so years. His personal experiences, quirky sense of humor and willingness to step way outside of the box of conventional scientific thinking makes him unique in the world of truth-seeking. I am sure you will find material within these pages that will keep your monkey-mind chattering for days on end.

Questions will lead to more questions, answers will lead to no-where and everywhere, and in the end, we might find repose in the fact that if we too put in the work required, we might also be able to experience first-hand what the hell Tom is on about – which indeed is the purpose. For, access to the kind of knowledge Tom is on about requires one’s ability to change his own fundamental being – it is not purely intellectual. But you will find that out.

And of course, don’t take anything presented here as fact. These are Tom’s findings. He very much, consistently and avidly encourages open-minded skepticism. Truly. So make of this information what you will.

You will come across a lot of acronyms like IOUC (Individuated Unit of Consciousness), THBC (The Big Cheese or Computer), PMR (Physical Matter Reality) and so on. If you have read his books you will be familiar with these terms. If not, here is a handy list of acronyms for you.

It should be noted also that a lot of the terms presented here are metaphorical. Metaphors are needed today just as they were in the times of Moses, Homer and Joseph Smith. We can describe a virtual reality as something akin to a computer simulation today, but that might sound exceedingly silly in two thousand years time. But for now, the metaphors of reality that Tom has employed serve their purpose.

So, enjoy, learn, read, watch, employ – and ask! We will try our best to get Tom to answer. Or it may be that your question has already been resolved for which the nifty search bar would be your trusty companion.

We do hope that in time this site will be an index of everything MBT related in an easy to access, well categorized, easily searchable and elegantly displayed format for all IUOCs in the AUM to improve the QoC everywhere where eyeballs look at internet pages.

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